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Verfasst am: » 06.11.2023

Doctoring Beauty. Beauty and Medicine in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Europe.

Bild: Doctoring Beauty. Beauty and Medicine in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Europe
This is the public presentation of our itinerant symposium, “Medicine, Beauty and the Body”, in which we discuss historical cultures of beauty alongside materials, texts and artifacts. We aim to explore historical continuities and changes in the knowledge and materials by bringing together experts working on the field from antiquity to the early modern period. » mehr...

Verfasst am: » 02.10.2023

GI_Salzburg23 Opening

Bild: Keynote by Gottfried KIRCHENGAST
On July 4, 2023 the keynote speech of the conference "GI_Salzburg23" took place. The speaker was Gottfried Kirchengast, Professor for Geophysics at the University of Graz. » mehr...

Verfasst am: » 01.10.2023

Keynotespeech - WAPOR 76th Annual Conference

Bild: Reinhard Heinisch (Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria)
The World Association for Public Opinion Research Conference (WAPOR) take place between 19. and 22. September 2023 at Paris Lodron University Salzburg. One Keynote Lecture was held bei Reinhard Heinisch (Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria).  » mehr...

Verfasst am: » 04.09.2023

historioPLUS 2023

Bild: Jahrgangspräsentation historioPLUS 2023
historioPLUS ist ein E-Journal zur Veröffentlichung der Arbeiten von Studierenden des Fachbereichs Geschichte der Universität Salzburg. Es feierte am 21. Juni 2023 sein 10-jähriges Bestehen. Die vorgestellten Beiträge stammen von den Studierenden Valentina D‘Uva, Sebastian Engel, Marcus Gründlinger, Saskia Terbrüggen und Anna Vierlinger. » mehr...

Verfasst am: » 20.06.2023

Gender, Diversity & Equality

Bild: Silvia Spinnato, Chefdirigentin des FEMALE SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA AUSTRIA
What does it mean to be a man or a woman? Are men and women wired differently? This course discusses gender identities and stereotypes, and approaches masculinities and femininities from different perspectives and disciplinary lenses, and using different methods of analysis.  » mehr...